Miss Bernadette

the ritual chamber

The following is the official website of The Ritual Chamber. I have included this for your easy perusal and so that you may receive all the information necessary for you to book a session with me. 



the medical clinic

Medical Table and Restraints, Hospital Clamps, Needles, Suction Devices, Violet Wand with Attachments, Insertion Equipment, Enema Equipment, Doctor's Scale, Patient Gowns, Straightjacket


The abdl Nursery

Adult Sized Crib, Adult Sized High Chair, Adult Sized Rocking Horse, Stuffed Animals, Toys, Giant Teddy Bear, Bath Toys (Bathtub available on premises), Paddles and Hairbrushes, Sissy Adult Baby Clothing, Fetish Diapers, Bottles, Pacifiers, Hair Bows


the victorian parlour

Vanity, Settee, Spanking Bench, Full Crossdressing Wardrobe, Makeup, Wigs, Shoes, Silicone Breast Inserts, Large Selection of Canes and Crops


The classroom

Blackboard, Antique Desk, Lockers, Variety of Fraternity Paddles, Rulers and Canes, Bibles/Cross for Religious Play


the modern dungeon

St. Andrew's Cross, Bondage Table with Cage, Leather Sling, Leather Immobilization Sleep Sack, CBT chair, Smother Box, Humbler, Collection of over 75 Corporal Punishment Implements, Gags, Restraints (Leather, Chain, Rubber), Gas Masks, Hemp Rope, Sensation Play Toys, Anal Hook, Suspension Cuffs, Large Collection of Silicone Insertables, CBT Toys, Boxing Gloves and Wrestling Mats, and more!