Miss Bernadette



All my sessions are conducted at The Ritual Chamber, an up-scale private facility with multi-themed roomS in the west end neighbourhood of High Park in Toronto (close to the Keele subway station). The Ritual Chamber has many rooms, including a classroom, a boudoir, a baby nursery room custom fitted for adults, a medical room and a dungeon.

All sessions must be booked through The Ritual Chamber website. Please click on the "Book Now" link at the bottom of this page to do so.


1 hour - $300.00

1.5 hours - $400.00

2 hours - $500.00

2.5 hours - $600.00

3 hours - $700.00

3.5 hours - $800.00

4 hours - $900.00

Souvenir session lingerie (stockings or panties) - $50 each


Helpful for meeting and discussing your interests with me that you  are potentially interested in before committing to a session.

1 hour - $175.00