Miss Bernadette



I love corporal punishment, discipline, spankings and role plays. I can be your mother figure, your Auntie, your neighbour, your boss, your teacher, your prison guard or anyone else in a position of authority over you. I can spank and discipline you for your wrongdoings in your past and re-enact childhood events in which you were bad and should have been punished at the time. I can role play any scenario you wish to explore, within reason of course. I consider it a privilege to be let in on your secret fantasies that possibly up until now, you have not been able to share with anyone.

On the other hand, I can simply give you a good spanking, strapping or caning in silence. If you wish purely  to satisfy your masochistic cravings, I can most certainly deliver. I have an array of leather straps, paddles and canes imported from the finest implement maker in London, England. I know how to expertly wield each instrument I possess and I take pride in the precision with which I strike.  I can use each implement with varying levels of force, from quite light  (leaving you with a rosy pink bottom which colour will fade away quickly)  to a very harsh spanking that would leave you sore and marked for a prolonged period.

Whether you wish a structured discipline scene, a harsh punishment or a therapeutic release type spanking, I would be happy to provide you with that.

Please note that I am not interested in “being served” unless it is part of a structured role play. I view myself purely as a spanker and/or disciplinarian. I also do not offer sexual services of any kind. I am not interested in your genitalia and will neither look at them nor touch them. Any sexual advances will result in your being ordered out of the premises and banned from ever returning.

Please let me know what type of experience you desire. I will dress accordingly for the role that you request. 



  • Bare bottom hand spanking
  • OTK (over the knee spanking)

  • Leather strapping

  • Leather and wood paddling

  • Caning

  • Hairbrush spanking

  • Belt spanking

  • Canadian prison strapping

  • Flogging

  • Corporal punishment

  • Judicial style punishment

  • Role plays

  • English style discipline

  • Mouth soaping

  • Corner time

  • Scolding

  • Lecturing

  • Age play

  • ABDL play